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ROLE: Creative Producer
WHAT: YouTube's 2022 Brandcast
WHERE: Imperial Theater, Broadway - New York

The way people watch TV has fundamentally changed. For YouTube's first Upfront (normally reserved for the big TV networks) we aimed to show how YouTube was at the forefront of this shift with content that entertains, inspires new ideas, and moves people towards action. 

Great content tells a story that people care about and resonate with - so this year was all about creators coming on to tell their own story and how YouTube provided them with a platform to tell their story and connect with others.

I oversaw the production of graphics for various parts of the show including the the opening performance, which had a surprise special appearance with Jon Batiste. The show had 12 different sized screens.

Please message me if you would like a link to see the full show. - 2022-05-20T230654.847.GIF - 2022-05-20T225544.845.GIF - 2022-05-20T225702.505.GIF - 2022-05-20T225840.227.GIF - 2022-05-20T230751.027.GIF
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