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ROLE: Lead Creative Producer

WHAT: Snap's Annual Partner Summit Keynote, May 2022

WHERE: Digitally Live Streamed

Oversaw the creative development of pre-production, production and post production, a six month long process. This included working on the creative concepting and strategy for this year's keynote, which was BACK TO REALITY. Snap's previous two summits had been entirely in virtual reality, and with all the hype of the far off metaverse, it was time to focus back on Snap's core values - AR. We reversed the trajectory, by starting out where Snap left off in 2021 - in the metaverse and breaking out of that world, stepping back into reality. Through immersive, visual storytelling, we sought to show viewers the power of AR in the here and NOW. Seven different speakers presented in 8 different locations around LA, augmented with AR.


My role also included overseeing the overall design system of branding for the keynote, website and invites, creative production of the full shoot, and a full 15 minute CGI world developed entirely in UE.

You can find the FULL Keynote HERE. - 2022-05-05T183908.260.GIF - 2022-05-05T184111.891.GIF - 2022-05-05T184759.492.GIF - 2022-05-07T121554.404.GIF - 2022-05-05T190034.275.GIF - 2022-05-05T190528.781.GIF
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