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Tether - Live Motion Capture Performance

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Tether is a live motion capture performance that explores the nature of identity in both mind and body. Through particle systems, Tether explores the struggle between restrictions placed from outside forces and one’s own inner self. Tether is about finding freedom of expression and identity away from constraints.

The performer’s movement is tracked and projected in real-time with the audience allowed to manipulate the movement of the particle systems, affecting the performer in an interactive performance.

All photos & videos are taken by Jude Zhu.

This was a group project and final for the Motion Capture Class at ITP:

Anna Gudnason (Me) - Performer & Creative/Visual Director

Shrek - Technician

Jude Zhu - Music & Documentation

Ryan Grippi - Story


All movements are live recorded and projected as (avatar) particle systems. Through the implementation of touch OSC we were able to allow the audience the ability to manipulate the particle systems in real time during the performance. We also added key presses that allowed us to clone multiple particle bodies that could dance together creating a greater effect.

We also changed the color of the particle system from orange/yellow to an ice blue in order to give a sense of time and change in emotional state of the performance.

We used OptiTrack to track the movements and Unreal engine for the particle systems. MakeHuman was used to create the base avatar which would later be converted into a particle system. We added a slight reflection to the bottom of the floor in order to have an added effect or light.

Below is a video snippet of the live performance (three projectors).

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