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Screaming Symphony

I took classic, old Hollywood film clips of actors screaming and compiled them together into a montage of screams. I was able to find a few video clips on Youtube that I could drop into Premier to edit down into just the screaming parts that I wanted. Most of the clips were already black and white, so I made the entire montage black and white to keep a certain consistency and aesthetic. (I exported it to Quicktime Apple ProRes 422 codec).

The biggest problem with editing down the film clips into just the screams was that a lot of films don't focus on the face for the full scream, but usually jump cut to what the person is screaming at. This didn't make for the best cuts or edits to work with.

The clip that I really wanted to focus on was the scene from Hitchcock's Psycho, which is my starting scene. I had the clip run a little before (22 seconds) to set the scene up and to not throw the audience directly into the screaming at the beginning of my performance. My patch was really really simple and I played around with looping and video playback rate. I feel like I could have definitely done better with more fine tuning.

After working on this patch and listening to repeated screams for hours, I DID WANT TO RIP MY HAIR OUT.

I struggled a bit with getting my sliders to be at the right increments that I wanted and a bad habit that I did was type out the increments I wanted to video rate or loop to be. I will have to learn how to properly work with adjusting and fine tuning numbers and sliders in the future.

Video of my Practice Performance:

Practicing my performance, my time was around 2 1/2 minutes total.

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