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Scanning, Re-meshing & Rigging Avatars

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

This week, I rescanned myself with the structure sensor because I wanted to do one without shoes (shoe colored feet are weird) and I wanted to see if not wearing all black would possibly help scan better.

1. Using the structure sensor to 3D scan myself

2. I then resized and re-oriented the scan in Maya

3. Then I used Wrapper to re-mesh the scan and transfer the texture to it.

I was unsure of how this scan would turn out because it looked worse than my first one. I had two hands and half of my head was missing. I also had no feet (but that wouldn't matter since I would be replacing it). It ended up turning out great better than I expected.

4. Exporting the object files and texture png. First texture is the second scan attempt, second one is me playing around and messing up the alignment of the mesh, third is the texture of the first scan.

5. Importing the object files into Mixamo and rigging them.

I played around with this for way too long. There was this weird feeling looking at "myself" doing things I wasn't able to do in real life (like do flips or crazy dance moves). Unfortunately the shirt I wore was a little too loose on the arms and you can see a flying squirrel like shape with certain movements.

I did go back and try to re-mesh my first scan, but it didn't come out as great as the second scan. I forgot about the mouth bag so I had this weird cone shape coming from my mouth.

Experimenting with mismatching the re-meshing:

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