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Live Image Processing - Week 1

Collecting short videos

I specifically focused on texture, color and light. I was inspired by my everyday surroundings and got a lot of inspiration from the pavement. It had the most interesting combination of texture and color, especially with the salt from the previous snowfall. My recordings are short ranging from 3 seconds to 10 seconds long. Below are a series of screenshots from my video clips of the pavement:

I got a lot of weird looks, but what I liked was making everyone take a second look at objects they wouldn't normally notice. My interest in what was normally a mundane thing, had this psychological effect on those around me, giving the object a brief newfound value. This project also made me more aware of my surroundings as well.

My kitchen gets a lot of light in the morning. I found the shadows of light reflected from my cup of water to be beautiful and colorfully abstract.

Some of these reflections had many colors and some were more muted with shades of grey and translucent white.

Screen shot of one of my video clips playing with light reflections

I took videos of organic forms; plants and their shadows, tree bark and the various textures and shades.

I liked the way that the rain drops fell on the window and the lights of the city traffic reflected on them. I also liked the contrast of videos taken at night as opposed to most of mine which were taken during the morning.

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