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LIPP Week 2

I watched videos from week 1 and 2 and played around with jit.ameba. I really like making my video footage fluorescent and colorful. I had a lot of frustrations and problems with Max freezing on me making everything super slow and not allowing me to experiment as much as I wanted this week. I'm not sure if it's my computer or not compressing my files properly. I tried changing my .mov files to .mp4 and it helped a little bit.

I'm still trying to get familiar with everything and figure out how to connect multiple things together. It's really hard not to just add a bunch of random things and see the cool outputs, but I need to take more time to understand what each thing does and the math behind it.

I looked a little ahead at week 3 videos and played around with jit.op, overlaying my video camera and footage I shot for week 1.

I like fluorescent organic forms.

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