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Introduction to Surveillance Technologies & How to Avoid it

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

For our Veillance final, I worked with Jiwon Shin on creating a technology zine. The aim of this zine was to make information about the internet and relevant surveillance technologies accessible to everyone, young or old. We did this with simple diagrams and pictures to illustrate topics that can be complicated in nature. We provided analogies in order to encourage a better understanding. These zines serve only as an introduction to a broader conversation with the aim of making the reader aware of their actions on the internet.

We distributed 60 printed and hand woven copies of our zine at the ITP Spring 2019 showcase in May. You may also read our zines online or find a printable version at . This zine will hopefully become part of a continuing series of zines that aims to make general audiences aware about their privacy in an accessible and easy to understand way.

Distributing our Zines at the ITP Spring 2019 Showcase


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First, we laid out the information and topics we wanted to get across to our audience in a list format. This helped us organize our structure and figure out the best way to simply communicate these topics.

Once we had a structure in place, we created text copy. This was the hardest part of the project. Explaining surveillance technologies or even just how the internet works in a few words was difficult. Creating illustrations to go side by side with the explanations helped us communicate these topics efficiently.

Once the illustrations and copy was in place, we started the printing process. This was more expensive than we would have liked, making it essential to have a digital version in order to allow wide distribution and anyone to print the zine themselves. We hand bound the the printed copies of the zines ourselves making sure that every detail was executed properly.

We welcome any feedback you have and are always looking to improve the zine and make it more accessible. If you have any insights or questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

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