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Data Cleaning & Retargeting - MoCap Week 3

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Part 1: Data Cleaning & Retargeting - MoCap Lab 3

For this weeks lab, I recorded a scene with my partner, starting with the T-pose.

The resulting recorded clip had a few gaps in our data (seen below), that we worked on fixing. We looked at the unlabeled markers and saw that there was nothing highlighted red in our labels, so these were probably ghost markers, which we had a lot of.

Luckily, our scene didn't have a lot to clean up. Our previous take of the skeleton (actor) crawling on the floor was harder to keep the markers tracked so we opted for walking around instead. Overall with data cleaning, we had to find the time, point and label for the gaps.

Finally, our recorded scene with no gaps!

Part 2: Aligning Skeletal Meshes with MoCap Data

I then created a simple avatar on MakeHuman, which i then transferred into Mixamo. Then I used Motion builder to sync my saved lab movement with the created avatar and finally import that into Unreal. Unfortunately since my computer cannot support Unreal, I think my scene accidentally got deleted. While I saved it to a hard drive, when I reopened the saved scene file, it was not there. I however was still able to successfully put my avatar into Unreal and will have to work on fixing my world again.

Creating Avatar with MakeHuman

Using Mixamo:

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