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Using StyleGANs, I created an AI self portrait of myself from 1,000 selfies. This was an experimental project aimed at understanding how a computer would "see" me. It further acts as a metaphor for how the range of photos of me across the internet can be seen as an alternate digital representation of myself. A virtual filter. See the full process here.


Using GPT-2, these outputs were fine tuned off of a collection of missed connections posted on Reddit. I was interested in exploring the idea of using something artificial to generate deeply human and personal stories. See the full process here.


I keep looking for you every day in case you need me, and I can only come up empty.

We were the only two men in the entire house. You had a football helmet and red lipstick. I had a blue cap and black shorts. You work in the medical field equipment store.


I hope this finds you.

I wanted to talk to you but I was limited to the tour bus. I was craving a mystery burrito and you were the one taking the call. So I called you up once in a while to see if I could maybe talk to you, but shit happens. I was wearing a green sundress and had a few regrets about letting you down.

Dark haired guy

Burgundy/Maroon car

Flashed your pearly whites

Vanished before i could...

You just disappeared from my life. The way the universe works, every particle of light in the universe is a part of you. I want to know if you're alright, or just might help me figure out who you are.

To the guy in the sundress, you were the one who entertained me. I was in the sundress bar with my friend. You asked if we could have a beer and I said yes. I was the one who brought you a pack of rum. You were invited to come with us. We had a great time together, had great times together not talking to each other. You got your favorite drink from a sealed jar, ate some crab cakes, and me and my friend went to the bar to get some shots.

I think sometimes when I think back on what I saw, I start to forget where I was and what I saw.

This is a long shot and probably super creepy, but I'm not that interested.

I just want to know if you're still around. 

Loved your blouse.

I remember you smiling at me. Did you feel the connection we made?

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